Dr. Havlick

Performance Enhancement Consultant

Dr. Havlick draws on many interrelated disciplines to help his clients experience full lives.
His Ph.D. in Sport Psychology has guided Joe's work with thousands of performers and athletes of many ages, sports, and careers.

The Ultimate Methods to Change Your Life

Dr. Havlick works with athletes broadly defined to include dancers, musicians, or anyone who is physically performing from different sports, of all ages, and of many levels of proficiency. The one thing they all have in common they want to get better at what they do.  The goal is to be a mindful performer, relaxed with intensity.  Dr. Havlick's Ph.D. in Sport Psychology from Temple is his defining credential in this area.​
Helping Clients Achieve their Personal Best
  • Mindful Sport Psychology for Athletes & Performers (Limited Offer)

  • Individual and Group (E.g. - team or organization) sessions

    1 hr

  • Dr. Havlick is a calming force in the College Admissions Process.

    1 hr


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