Meet Dr. Joe Havlick

Doctor of Sport Psychology
Coach, Counselor, Leader

Dr. Havlick has had multiple careers, giving him a wide range of perspectives on excellence.

His current passion and forte lies in improving his clients’ performance, and his 12 years as entrepreneurial businessman and innovative corporate marketer inform all he does.

As a counselor and coach with two decades of motivating, educating, and guiding high school students, Joe Havlick has mentored and counseled hundreds of adolescents, young adults and leaders.  Dr. Havlick extended his already diverse, robust, and worthy academic foundation by earning the highly regarded Temple Ph.D. in Sport Psychology, studying under Michael Sachs, Ph.D.

Joe has a rigorous fitness regimen:  he is a life-long, multi-sport athlete, including basketball and triathlon.  He has a disciplined meditation practice.


Temple University, Doctor of Philosophy; Sport Psychology, 2008 


West Chester University, Master of Secondary Education; School Counseling, 1994


The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Executive MBA; Marketing, 1989


University of Pennsylvania, Bachelor of Science; Civil Engineering, 1983

His Philosophy is Simple

Hard work, determination, healthy habits of mind, and solid mental and emotional attitudes make success inevitable, for both practitioners and clients.

Dr. Havlick’s interventions and treatments draw primarily from Cognitive-Behavioral Theory and Mindfulness Training.  He is a research-based practitioner.


Doctor of Sport Psychology, Dr. Joe Havlick

Performance Enhancement Consultant
Dr. Havlick draws on many interrelated disciplines to help his clients experience full lives.
His Ph.D. in Sport Psychology has guided Joe's work with thousands of performers and athletes of many ages, sports, and careers.

1. Mindfulness Training – Joe has a dedicated practice of meditation that he offers to all of his clients.

2.  Tutoring – Joe works with students of all ages regarding not only a wide range of subjects, but skills common to all subjects, like organization and goal-setting.

3.  Anxiety Reduction – General treatment, but specific expertise in test anxiety reduction (see below)

4.  College Counseling – An expert with over 20 years of experience in the process.

You want to succeed beyond your wildest imagination.  While you respect the work that this takes, you want to experience joy in your journey

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Given Joe’s skill and experience bases, he is particularly well-suited to help two important niches:

1.  The high school athlete who expects to play at college.  Not only can Dr. Havlick work with a scholar-athlete’s game, but he can then seamlessly advise regarding the academic and athletic transition to post-secondary life.  The application process, recruiting process, and NCAA regulations are all areas of specific expertise.

2.  Standardized Test-takers suffering from performance anxiety. Taking the SAT’s (or ACT’s) is one of the most stress-inducing events in a young person’s life.  Many students want to excel at these high-stakes assessments and pressure themselves into low scores.  Joe’s training in the appropriate and effective handling of stress, along with his familiarity with the college process, put him in a unique position to help. If you want to perform at the highest level, make Joseph T. Havlick, Ph.D. your personal guide or part of your larger success team.

  • What is your path?

  • How do you want to spend your day to get the most out of it?

  • What do you need to win?

  • How can you develop the intense motivation, drive, and the resilience you’ll need to get to the top?

  • You have the passion, desire, and ambition.  How will you use it?


Whether you are a hungry athlete, a college-bound student, or an executive on the rise, you need a mindset and a plan to help channel your energy.  Focus and mindfulness are the keys to achieving your goals in competitive areas.  You want to walk next to someone who can understand you, see your greatness, and make you laugh once in a while.  You can make this journey alone, but why not bring a guide on your trip:  someone who’s been there before and already helped many people through life’s mazes?  If you’re a team player and you want to learn to avoid pitfalls and benefit from others’ experience, it would be in your best interest to find a leader, trained in the success process, who can listen to you and work through issues to solution. Joe Havlick quickly develops rapport and a strong, trusting relationship with clients, enabling them to tap into their drive and invest totally in their own plan for success.  He brings relevant and thorough experience.

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Dr. Havlick works with athletes (broadly defined to include dancers, musicians, or anyone who is physically performing) from different sports, of all ages, and of many levels of proficiency.  (His Ph.D. in Sport Psychology from Temple is his defining credential in this area.)  The one thing they all have in common:  they want to get better at what they do.  


His clients include:

•Young beginners with performance anxiety

• Elite veterans at their prime who are looking for the final nudge to the summit

•Dancers seeking the flow state

•Athletes returning to the court after rehab

• Burned out competitors seeking to enjoy sport again

Parents are happy to know that he is a successful School Counselor and High School athletic coach who has had decades of dependable, empathic, and fun experience working with young athletes.

Team Performance

Dr. Havlick works with school teams (public, private, parochial, college, university, etc.) as well as with individuals.  This modality is actually MORE effective than individual interventions in some cases.  It is particularly well-suited to enhancing team unity and focus.

Benefits include:

• Improved academics:  The ultimate objective is to develop scholars.  Havlick Consulting brings professional school counseling experience and familiarity to the fore, recognizing the logistics and importance of:  

1. Eligibility, 

2. College transcript development, and 

3. Building skills for education, career, and life.

•Performance Enhancement:  Fostering team collaboration leading to improved performance is central to success.

•Addressing mental and emotional performance issues with athletes.  Available on the field, in the office, at the game…whichever makes most sense to the client or to the objective.

Doctor of Sport Psychology